Have you recently participated in your first Maven consultation, or hoping that you will soon? If so, one of your first questions is likely, “how will I be compensated for my time?”

After you successfully complete a Survey, you will see a screen confirming that your submission has been received and is under review. After a Telephone Consultation or Extended Consultation, you’ll be logged in our records.

Once the Survey response has been approved (typically within 3 weeks), you will receive email notice from Maven that you may now request payment.

To request payment, follow this link. You can also get here by going to your Profile – Stats – Current Balance – Request Payment. Click “Withdraw”. You’ll see another confirmation screen.

If you have not signed up for Bold, you can expect an email to set up your account. If you have, you will receive a notice from Bold when your payment has transferred. Payment processing begins immediately, subject to processing times from 3rd party vendors (i.e., your bank or Paypal.)

For more information on our payments process or the timing of your payment, please see our Payment Policy.