A frequent question we get from members is “Which invitations should I respond to?” That is simple. Respond to everything!

We often find that our Mavens are hesitant to decline invitations, and therefore do not respond to an offer at all. That actually hinders Maven’s invitation process and causes the system to send multiple reminder emails seeking a response.

Of course, if you are qualified for an opportunity, you should accept, so that you’re considered for consultation.  However, if you simply do not have time or perhaps feel that you’re not fully qualified for an opportunity, you should decline the invitation. By declining, the system gets smarter about which subject matters you are interested in discussing. Further, if you are invited to a project that you are unsure about but feel that you may be qualified, you should accept and click through the qualifying questions. Just answer honestly, and the system will filter you through if you have the correct level of expertise. That being said, if you have strong doubts about your background knowledge on the subject, simply make a note in your response or you can always decline the invitation. It is better to decline an invitation than to misrepresent yourself and waste a customer’s time. Our customers will respect you for your honesty and we won’t penalize in any way for declining.

Another excellent reason to respond to all of your invitations is because it gives you the opportunity to refer your friends or colleagues that might be better suited to consult. If the customer conducts a consultation with the person you referred, we will pay you a 10% commission on their earnings!

In short, why should you respond to all of your invitations?

  • You are helping to make the system smarter and ensuring you are invited to appropriate projects in the future
  • Once you respond, you will stop receiving the reminder emails that otherwise clutter up your inbox
  • You might be more qualified for a project then you originally thought. Let the qualifying questions help determine your level of expertise on the subject

and finally…

  • your 10% commission! Use your Rolodex to help earn yourself and your colleagues some extra money.