Let us take a quick look at how the Maven network has been growing. In the last quarter of 2012, Maven increased its network by nearly 40%. Thus far in 2013, the growth pattern is continuing, with a current rate of over 12% per month! This is not only great news for Customers looking to take advantage of finding new expertise in different fields, but also for our Members who earn commission when they contribute to our growth.

The best way to participate in Maven’s growth is to visit your Network tab. There are a few options for reaching colleagues, friends and family to invite them to join Maven and earn referral commissions when they consult, including inviting directly from your LinkedIn account. There is even a custom¬†Connection Tool that you can use online or insert into your email signature to allow others to quickly setup a consultation with you!

It is very exciting to us to see how many members are profiting from who they know through our referral program. Additionally, members have been putting their referral commissions to good use for their own research needs on Maven’s platform, or donating the earnings to great causes.

We thank all of our members that have helped contribute to our strong growth rate, and, as always, are here to assist if you have questions.