Greetings from Maven. Last month we shared three case studies showing how our customers use Maven. This month is all about content – we’ve shot a ton of video recently and want to share some big ideas with you. Here are three recent videos we hope you’ll enjoy.

Sharing Knowledge Fuels Growth

At Maven, we believe that EVERYBODY has valuable knowledge that can help other professionals make smarter decisions and innovate.

Chainsaw Al, Sunbeam, and the Future of Innovation

Our good friend Mike Docherty from Venture2 entertains the crowd at open2012. Check out Mike’s slides here.

Integrated Open Innovation

Reuben Oder talks to the audience at open2012 about how to use outside ideas to accelerate innovation. You can view the slides for Reuben’s presentation here.

You can check out the rest of the open2012 videos and presentations here. Finally, be sure to login to Maven and check out the latest items on the Bulletin Board. We post new microconsulting opportunities every day.