Thank you to all of those who attended open2012 this week!  It was an incredible success, owed mainly to the enthusiastic participation of our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.

Throughout the event, social media portals were lighting up with #open2012 tweets and posts, highlighting the Open Innovation movement. Here’s a look at some of the comments that we caught wind of throughout the day:

  • Andrew Whalen ‏@andrewwhalen
  • Running theme at #open2012 – when it comes to successful open innovation ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’
  • AmeriSuisse Capital ‏@AmeriSuisse
  • There’s an excellent exchange of ideas here today at #open2012 – clearly this is an important area for the future. …
  • Michael Docherty ‏@mike_docherty
  • #open2012 Owen Carryl “More needs to be done in addressing business models when new innovations introduced”
  • Jonathan Chizick ‏@Marketing_Sage
  • How to get traction on open innovation? >> “Don’t underestimate the power of a shrinking business” Josh Aber #open2012
  • mab992 ‏@mab992
  • Know the “secret org chart”–the relationships that contain true power–when pitching and growing an innovative idea. #open2012
  • Jonathan Chizick ‏@Marketing_Sage
  • #open2012 : Grow the pie…then cut the slices. Must nuture & reward the network if you want to leverage it for innovation
  • milindpansare ‏@milindpansare
  • Technologies are not like wine – don’t get better in cellar. David Lawson @proctergamble #openinnovation #open2012