To Maven friends and family around the country, as well as those celebrating this holiday overseas, Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you prefer turkey, tofu, tofurkey or turducken, Maven wishes you the best as we launch the winter holiday season.

If you, like so many Americans, will be away from the office for several days and are worried about falling behind on projects, take heart! The Maven platform is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year — yes, even on Holidays!

Contact us with your telephone consultation or survey project needs before you hit the road, and let us put the power of Maven to work for you while you’re away.

Imagine getting back to your desk after having spent the last several days with friends and family, and — Voila! — awaiting you in your inbox are Mavens, ready to share their subject matter expertise to help move your project along to completion.

Take extra care if you’ll be deep-frying your bird this year, and remember that Maven is always available to connect those seeking expertise with the Mavens that possess it.

Happy feasting!