As a Maven, you know what your knowledge is worth, but do you know what your network is worth?

If you have been active within the Maven Marketplace, you have seen how valuable your time can be. Have you shared this exciting news with your colleagues? If you haven’t, you are missing an opportunity to let Maven work for you. Not only does Maven pay you for the time you spend consulting, but we also compensate you for the time your referrals spend consulting.

Maven believes that your network is our most valuable asset. When you invite your connections to join Maven, we will pay you a 10% commission on any consulting engagements they participate in during their first year in the network. You’re probably thinking, “why haven’t I invited my contacts yet?” Good news… it’s not too late!

There are several ways to invite your contacts into the network:

  • Use the Invite and Earn tab in your Maven Profile
  • Invite others directly from the Bulletin Board
  • Click the “Refer Someone Else” link in any consultation invitation you receive

If you see a project come through your email and you know the perfect candidate, refer them to the project. Or, check out current opportunities on the Maven Dashboard to see if you can offer your expertise or refer someone else – in the end, you’ll both benefit.