A lot of members ask us why we ask them to complete ID verification before participating in Telephone Consultations and Electronic Surveys with our customers. The answer is very straight forward — we expect anyone involved with and interacting on the Maven platform to be honest about who they are and what they know.

Customers are looking to speak with individuals who are knowledgeable on whatever topic they are researching and rightfully want to be assured that these individuals are “real” and that they have accurately portrayed themselves in their Maven profile. ID verification ensures that the member is, in fact, who they claim to be, and qualifying questions prior to a consultation help to show that a member actually does know what they claim to know.

Our FAQs further highlight the importance of being ID verified as a Maven participant and bottom-line what will happen if someone should choose not to verify their identity — in such a case, the individual will not be permitted to interact with our clients on Telephone Consultations and Electronic Surveys. It’s that simple.

What’s simpler is actually completing the ID verification process. We have partnered with IDology, the leader in online identity solutions, to provide our users in the US with a quick and easy way to verify who they say they are. All you have to do as a member is click the “Get Verified – IDology” badge that appears next to your name in your profile and answer a few short questions about who you are and your current and/or past residence. It only takes a few moments to complete the questions, after which you will notice a “Verified ID” badge in your profile signifying to the Maven community that you are compliant and able to participate in consultations.

In short, unless you are misrepresenting yourself on Maven, there is no disadvantage or difficulty in verifying your identity.  With the click of a button and the confirmation of a few pieces of data, you get a stamp of credibility and our customers will feel more comfortable inviting you to consult.  It’s a win-win.