When I was a kid, it always struck me as a bit odd when my parents would say the world was getting smaller every day. Disney rides notwithstanding, to me the world was unfathomably big; I couldn’t keep track of my own neighborhood, much less the rest of the planet! Of course, now I know what they meant (and perhaps even more so with the current pace of improvement in information technology, media, communications, and transportation) – today it seems that you can access anything with the click of your mouse.

In spite of this incredible progress, it’s still pretty tough to source TACIT KNOWLEDGE. Sure, you can figure out explicit information like the capital of Swaziland with a couple of clicks, and you can learn how to tie an anchor hitch with minimal effort, but how would you get a plain-English description of the best treatments for endovascular aortic aneurysms? Until recently, a fast and efficient way to find, qualify, and interact with experts directly from one’s desktop didn’t even exist. And while it hasn’t spread to billions of users yet, we think¬†Maven has built the right platform and we believe it’s just a matter of time.

At Maven we connect knowledge seekers to true experts. Although these knowledge seekers have traditionally been venture capital firms, large corporations, consulting firms, and professional investors, we actually designed the platform for individuals. We believe that every professional in the world can benefit from interacting with on-the-ground experts; the way we see it, everyone could and should use Maven.

So add Maven to your arsenal of “small world” resources. Just as Google made Swaziland seem a lot closer, and Facebook made your friends in Singapore seem a lot closer, Maven can connect you with smart professionals in Swaziland, Singapore, and beyond.