It was January 2012 – a New Year and a good time for a fresh start. Chris Camire, a highly qualified PhD in Orthopedics and Materials Engineering, was looking for competitive scientific jobs in a corporate environment where he could utilize the scientific skills he had honed during years in academia. These non-academic technical jobs can be tough to find in good times, much less in a weak economy.

Chris received an invitation to join Maven in early January and decided to take a shot at it. Coincidentally, the same day he joined Maven he got invited to a project that was absolutely perfect for his unique background. He accepted the invitation to consult, and later that day he was chosen for a 1-hour phone consultation with the customer. During that hour it became clear that the customer faced significant challenges and that Chris was the right expert to address them. A few days later, Maven sent Chris to an on-site meeting with the customer, and after an initial 1-day visit, Chris was hired for a month-long Extended Consulting engagement.

3 months later Chris is still working on the client site on a project that has given him the opportunity to demonstrate his capabilities as both a scientist and a businessman.

However, this is only part of the story. Chris has continued to participate in Electronic Surveys and Telephone Consultations for other Maven customers. In just a few short months he has consulted with companies making products ranging from industrial components to pharmaceuticals to chocolate, with each new engagement providing a unique way for Chris to profit from his knowledge.

Through Maven, Chris has found a vehicle to perform work that is both intellectually and financially rewarding. Maven provides him a way to consult on a wide variety of topics at literally a moment’s notice. There’s no red tape and no cumbersome interview process – just check your email and enjoy the ride. Good luck Chris. It’s been fun so far!