Maven is a great option for busy professionals seeking to share their knowledge without spending extra time searching for opportunities and constantly marketing themselves. Since Maven finds opportunities for you, once you sign up you don’t have to do anything else besides waiting for invitations to participate in a call or survey. However, we often get asked how Mavens can get more involved and increase their chances of profiting from Maven.
Here are a few tips for more proactive use of Maven:

The Basics
  • Review your Profile to ensure that you have mentioned everything about your background that could be helpful for a customer to know about you. Everything from the software you use on a daily basis to the vendors you deal with regularly could be of importance.
  • Keep your Knowledge Summary succinct. Only include relevant and specific information and remove the fluff and MBA-speak (words that don’t say anything about your specific experience, such as “team player,” “visionary,” “proactive”).
  • Be sure the rest of your profile is complete, including your experience (upload your resume!), educational background, professional licenses and certifications, and other important knowledge-specific information, including publications.
Advanced Tactics
Once you’ve optimized your Maven Profile, take the following steps:
  • Follow us on your favorite social and professional network(s). We frequently post new information and opportunities to our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ groups. Make sure you join these groups to ensure you’re always getting the latest news from Maven.
  • Build up your Maven Network. The more high-quality connections you have on Maven, the better our matching system will be able to target you and the more likely you’ll earn Referral Commissions. Bring us a few (or a few hundred!) great people and we will reward you.
  • Review the Bulletin Board for open consulting opportunities. We might have missed you or perhaps you know someone who could help our customers with specific inquiries.
For the Pros
Want to be a real Maven pro? Maven also provides several tools for advertising your knowledge outside of the Maven website. These include:
  • Activate your Maven Public Profile to make your account visible to anyone with a browser and the search engines (by default all Maven profiles are “private”).
  • Utilize the Connect with Me widget to help build up your network.
  • Use your Consult with Me widget to advertise your knowledge via your website, email signature, online forums, etc.
If you follow these steps, Maven will be much more effective at matching you to potential consulting opportunities.