The Facebook IPO, announced on February 1, 2012, has generated a lot of of headlines – and a lot of speculation. Opinions seem to range from “This is the greatest company in history!” to “It’s the start of the next dotcom bubble burst!”

But what do the real experts think?

To find out, Maven is conducting two Electronic Surveys – one to social networking, gaming, and social media marketing specialists and a second to professional investors. We’re asking them for their opinions on the IPO, how important it is to the social networking industry and the public markets, and how it will affect Facebook as a company.

The results will be published within the next couple weeks. As with all Maven Surveys, the information gathered will be from professionals in related industries with a stake in what occurs, not just public sentiment or speculation. Using Maven’s vast network of industry professionals, we will tap into Mavens who have informed opinions about Facebook and its impending IPO.

We will also repeat the Surveys after the IPO occurs in April to see how opinions change after the event.

Stay tuned for the results. We think it will be a very interesting read!