Case Study: The Consultant Search Challenge

At Maven, we’re always excited when one of our customers finds an innovative way to use our products. Recently, a customer was in a serious bind and needed a quick solution. The customer needed to fill a temporary position with extremely detailed qualifications and it needed to happen right away.

In short they asked us to help them find a consultant to fill the position with a week as the timeframe. To do this we needed to screen candidates in our network that fit the customer’s specifications and find a way to quickly qualify them and see if they were available for the the job.

We decided the best way to solve this challenge was to use our Electronic Survey system as a first screening tool. The Survey was treated as a written interview and allowed the customer to screen many potential consultants very quickly.

Within 24 hours our technology had automatically disqualified dozens of potential consultants, only allowing eight individuals who met all of the customer’s specifications to continue. These qualified candidates provided written answers to a series of interview questions, allowing the customer to assess not only their qualifications for the position, but also their written communications skills.

After reviewing the results, the customer narrowed the pool down to 3 individuals and conducted verbal interviews with them via our Telephone Consultation system.

Finally, the customer selected the individual they wanted to hire. Maven took care of the rest of the details and negotiated an agreement between the customer and the member for the long-term consulting project. Since critical terms like confidentiality, intellectual property, and compensation were already covered by the expert’s and customer’s agreements with Maven, the two parties were able to get straight to work without needing to involve the lawyers.

A Maven customer solved a major human resources and organizational challenge using a smart combination of our three core products: Survey, Telephone Consultation, and Extended Consulting. The customer used these to rapidly screen, qualify, and finally hire the right person in a fraction of the cost and time of retaining an executive search firm.

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