Democratization of knowledge is the act of making knowledge available in an open way.  Throughout history, knowledge and information has been controlled and managed by only the most powerful people and institutions.  With the emergence of new, disseminating technologies and concepts, knowledge has moved from these controlled outlets to the general population, thus furthering the education of mankind.

Technology has always been at the center of shifts in the availability of information, and has fueled the various knowledge democratization movements. From the printing press to the creation of libraries, from the television to the Internet, the availability of knowledge continues to take root in society.  In modern times, the Internet has emerged as both the fabric and fuel for this change, creating opportunity for the collection and dissemination of knowledge.  The Internet has given rise to fountains of information and has connected the world in ways never previously imagined.

The Internet has flattened the structures and availability of knowledge, while enabling the creation of market places to sell and trade knowledge.  What was previously was difficult or impossible to obtain and categorize has become accessible, searchable, and has a price tag.  This is as true for knowledge as it is for goods and services. Entities like Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn have all drawn their success from people’s innate desire to accumulate more knowledge and share it with others. Likewise, Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz have driven massive increases in efficiency in the travel and reservation markets by aggregating information and presenting it directly to the end consumer, circumventing the old “gatekeepers” in the travel agency industry. Etrade, Ameritrade, and the other online brokerages have driven down trade prices and delivered real-time market data directly into the home, making it possible for anyone to participate in the financial markets, not just an anointed few.

Continuing in this tradition, Maven has set out with the singular goal building the world’s first true marketplace for professional knowledge, insight, and perspective.  The Maven platform is designed and built specifically to leverage modern technologies and solutions to deliver the world’s deepest  source of expert opinion in a format and at a price that is approachable by any professional.  Unlike some older institutions who have delivered real-time professional knowledge in a closed, opaque, and controlled way, Maven has built a concept and movement around providing professionals with unfettered, open access to knowledgeable people in a secure, private, controlled environment.  Level the playing field with Maven. We truly provide Knowledge for Everyone.