Maven for Consumer Goods Companies

New Product Innovation

The modern consumer faces a tyranny of choice. There are more options available to them than ever before, so how do your products stand out? The only solution is to constantly innovate to bring new and exciting offerings to market. From food and beverage, to packaged goods, to fashion and apparel, Maven connects consumer goods companies of all sizes with experts in the latest technologies and industry innovations. We have the world’s largest pool of on-demand technical expertise ready to help you innovate and make your products stand out.

Go Global

From the BRICs to the Next Eleven to the CIVETS and beyond, consumers in the world’s fastest-growing markets yearn for your products. But how do you get to them without on-the-ground expertise? No problem. Maven’s global reach makes it easy to find and engage with regional experts in manufacturing, supply chain, government regulation, distribution, and marketing to build your emerging markets presence.

Test Markets

Some consumer groups are difficult to reach via traditional methods or unreliable as focus group subjects. How do you test the market for your products with these difficult demographics? Simple – use Maven to engage with professionals who interact daily with them and who understand their unique needs and preferences.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Do you know what your colleagues know? We do. With Maven you can quickly connect with the hidden expertise within your reach via our custom Knowledge Communities. Build a community of colleagues, alumni, associates, and other connections across the globe to provide your organization with a single source for your knowledge management and collaboration needs.

Keep Learning

Your education and experience define you, but while your experience keeps growing it’s hard to find time to continue your education. Maven’s university connections run deep – we have relationships with tens of thousands of professors and researchers in academia who can teach you what they know and help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Consumer goods companies are currently using Maven to…

  • Understand category adjacencies to develop new and disruptive products
  • Research food synergies to develop innovative, healthy, and creative food products through the combination of uniquely beneficial ingredients
  • Find out where to build a new R&D facility in Asia
  • Connect with middle-class people in West Africa to understand their snacking habits
  • Retain a power processing expert to help qualify and ramp a new manufacturing line
  • Test concepts for five new products for the elder care market
  • Learn how to measure the “heat” or pungency of food ingredients
  • Understand the causes, symptoms, and impacts of stress on people
  • Evaluate new high performance materials to regain market share in the athletic footwear market
  • Apply a high downforce tribology solution developed in the automotive braking industry to PET bottle closures
  • Develop an IP strategy prior to entering the handheld consumer electronics market
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