Case Study: Waste Away (Waste Oil Experts)

Case Study: Waste Away (Waste Oil Experts)

The Problem

An advanced research team at a leading industrial manufacturing company was developing novel technologies for extracting usable oil from crude oil waste. The team already had lot of experience working with the technologies and solutions used to treat waste water and other similar applications, but lacked direct experience with crude oil waste.

The team wanted to move quickly, as they knew that the environmental impact these developments would have would put these technologies in high demand. However, before moving forward, the team needed on-the-ground insights to benchmark the current processes for treatment and up-to-date information about the regulatory environment around oil sludge treatment.

Critical Issues

Niche Technical Expertise           Global Perspectives         Regulatory Insights

The Solution

After a short discussion with their Maven account manager, the team agreed that an Electronic Survey would be ideal for rapidly benchmarking a number of waste oil treatment processes simultaneously. Maven quickly surveyed a targeted group of petroleum engineers, chemists, treatment facility operators, and other regulatory and waste oil experts. The results provided the team with a clear landscape of current waste oil treatment processes and the regulatory environment surrounding waste oil treatment and recovered usable oil.

In addition to the several dozen responses received from the Maven Knowledge Marketplace, five of the team’s colleagues from a different part of their company also participated in Survey via their private Maven Knowledge Community. Though these individuals worked in a completely different business group and geography, the Maven platform was able to identify them as potential subject matter experts in the oil treatment field and target them for participation in the Survey. These individuals continue to work closely with the research group to develop an effective wastewater oil removal process.

“Whenever there is something we don’t know, we know right where to go. Thanks again.” – Senior Director, Advanced Research


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