Case Study: Envisioning The Future (Virtual and Augmented Reality Experts)

Case Study: Envisioning The Future (Virtual and Augmented Reality Experts)


Virtual and Augmented Reality is changing more than the image before your eyes–it’s transforming entire industries. 
One Innovation Team within a multinational technology 
company recognized the great opportunity, but needed to better understand the range of viable current commercial business applications in order to identify where content is likely to move in the future.

Critical Issues

Speed     |     Technical Expertise     |     Cross-Industry Perspectives

The Solution

The team’s Customer Advisor recommended they engage in a number of Telephone Consultations with professionals working on the cutting edge of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Within a few days, Maven sourced a dozen highly qualified individuals, many of them C-level, who develop and utilize this technology in their businesses.  The customer gained insights about applications to ten business verticals, creating a clear picture of how to prioritize resources.

“I was extremely impressed with Maven’s ability to deliver qualified experts in under a week.  They were exactly the right people to move our strategy forward.”
– Director of Trends & Market Insights


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