Case Study: Bright Future (Solar Cell Applications)

Case Study: Bright Future (Solar Cell Applications)


The Emerging Technology group at a multinational consumer packaged goods company was exploring next generation battery technologies and solar cell applications to power remote refrigeration and dispensing for their products in areas without electricity. Specifically, the team wanted to better understand the process for calculating the number of solar cells that would be needed to power a stand-alone solar photovoltaic system.

Before moving forward with their plan to implement the latest battery storage technologies, the team needed a forecast of future solar cell trends and pricing predictions to assess if remote refrigeration was a feasible long-term option for their products in off-the-grid venues.

Critical Issues

Market Forecasting      Pricing Insight and Guidance       Immediate Need

The Solution

Maven quickly launched a Telephone Consultation query to identify professionals with experience designing or using stand-alone photovoltaic systems to power machines. Within one week of launching the search, dozens of professionals familiar with solar cell applications responded. The Mavens’ backgrounds covered everything from photovoltaic systems manufacturing to system integration and design to analysis. The team selected three Mavens to speak via targeted Telephone Consultations, but were able to collect all of the process and pricing information they were looking for on the first phone call. The team is currently implementing the process and calculations they received to develop a solar-powered refrigeration and dispensing system for use in remote venues!

“We were having trouble quickly identifying individuals with hands-on experience with the pricing trends of solar cells so we turned to Maven. In one week we had several individuals to choose from, but the first individual we spoke with had such deep experience that he was able to answer all of our questions. It was truly a home run. Our group continues to turn to Maven to identify individuals with hands on experience with topics out of our areas of expertise.” –Director, Emerging Technologies


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