Case Study: Can You Hear Me Now? (Signal Cancellation Engineer)

Case Study: Can You Hear Me Now? (Signal Cancellation Engineer)

The Problem

The corporate venture capital team at a large industrial conglomerate was investigating an opportunity to invest in a signal cancellation technology company. The investment team was particularly interested in this venture, as it would complement their existing product portfolio, and fill a product gap that was becoming an increasing concern. The investors needed technical expertise to guide them through their due diligence and evaluation of the company, prior to finalizing their deal. They also needed deep insights on the topic of signal cancellation software and hardware, and wanted an expert in the field to oversee the acquisition process.

Critical Issues

Time Crunch         Long-term Guidance         Technical Expertise

The Solution

Within two days, Maven set up a series of Telephone Consultations with network, software and signal cancellation engineers. The investment team was able to screen several qualified Mavens before selecting a signal cancellation engineer to engage with further. The selected Maven, with over 20 years of experience working in the wireless infrastructure and advanced radio design industry, was brought into the office three days later to begin an Extended Consulting engagement with the investment team. Once there, the Maven effectively helped the team to understand the overall competitive landscape, the end user, and become better acquainted with key industry players before they moved forward with the acquisition. Because of the overall success of the Extended Consulting engagement, the company decided to hire the Maven full-time to lead the integration of the company’s investment and made him an equity partner in the deal.

“We gained quick insights, with the exact information we were looking for. It’s reassuring to have reliable technical expertise on our team. Absolute homerun!” 

–  VP Business Development, Corporate Ventures

“Within a week of responding to the Telephone Consultation, I was onsite assisting with the project. I enjoy working with the team here and feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to contribute on such an important development for the company.” 

 –  Lead Signal Process Engineer


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