Project Description

Case Study: Bathroom Talk (WOCN Nurses)

The Problem

WOCN nursesThe product development team at a major medical device manufacturer was having difficulty gathering feedback about their line of ostomy products – as the topic was very sensitive for many of their users. The company already had significant market share in the space but the product development team wanted to identify user frustrations and areas for improvement for their ostomy pouches, filters and skin barriers. Though the team had an idea of how they might be able to improve their line of ostomy products, they needed to validate their ideas with hands-on users.

The team had difficulty gaining insights about their patients’ needs and concerns, as their customer base was a very senior and hard-to-reach population. Many users were being treated in intensive care, or were unwilling to share the private details of their ostomy product use. Without users willing to contribute their personal feedback and suggestions for the improvement of their product line, the company would not be able to effectively enhance their product offering.

Critical Issues

Sensitive Information         Niche Expertise          Hypothesis Testing

The Solution

Maven recommended reaching out to a professional audience that was close to the users of the company’s product line, and could offer insights about patients’ experience and frustrations. Within a week, Maven conducted an Electronic Survey of 20 wound, ostomy, and continence/enterostomal therapy nurses (WOCN nurses) who had direct experience working with ostomy patients. The respondents were able to offer information and sentiments on behalf of their patients, including feedback on currently available ostomy pouches and filters, and provide suggestions for improving these products to offer patients a more comfortable experience. An anonymous survey offered a safe environment for the WOCN nurses to discuss the highly sensitive subject, while the customer was able to gather multiple perspectives quickly, allowing them to move forward with their product enhancements. In a matter of months, the product development team integrated the feedback they had received from the WOCN nurses and brought an improved product to market that addressed the major pain points patients encountered.

“It’s not always easy to get people to open up about this type of product, but Maven was able to get us to the right people who shared candid experience and insights.”

– Senior Product Manager