Case Study: Taking the Measure of Things (Metrology Expert)

Case Study: Taking the Measure of Things (Metrology Expert)

The Problem

How do you to take something old and give it new purpose? This question plagues teams across all industries, but was of particular concern for the ventures team at a multinational industrial corporation. The team knew their technologies had the potential to improve existing metrology instruments, but were not confident that the existing partnership opportunities would enable their innovative technologies to have the most impact.

Instead, the ventures team wanted to identify and pursue startup companies that would not only be more forward thinking than existing companies, but maximize the impact of their IP and cash investments as they grew. Before they could identify promising startup partners, the ventures team needed to learn more about the key players in the handheld metrology space, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the trends and the future direction of the metrology tool market.

Critical Issues

Broad Landscape      In-Depth Analysis      Market Advice

The Solution

Maven quickly launched a Telephone Consultation project which yielded several qualified industrial marketing professionals. The client selected three respondents for Telephone Consultations for overall market landscaping, but engaged one expert for an Extended Consulting engagement to conduct a more in-depth evaluation of the current connected tools market, with particular emphasis on the spread of emerging startup companies in the space.

The customer worked closely with the expert to explore the potential for the company’s new technologies to be implemented into emerging metrology tools. Ultimately, the expert provided a 130-page market report and a detailed 20-slide presentation with her research findings, as well as suggestions for how the customer could best fit into disruptive activity that was happening in the startup market. The customer used the output from this engagement to pitch key stakeholders on which startups they should consider funding before moving forward with implementing their technologies.

“We had no way to access such new information. With such a dynamic project, it was invaluable to have guidance each step of the way and to stay informed while the landscape evolved and shifted.” — Manager of Marketing and Commercial Operations


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