Project Description

Case Study: A New Dimension (3D Printing Consultant)

The Problem

3D Printing ConsultantA leading global manufacturing company was consistently on the cutting edge of 3D printing technology and had a profitable additive product for high-end 3D printing materials. The company’s market development team realized, however, that the company had reached full saturation within the markets they currently served, and suggested exploring opportunities to enter new industries and grow their customer base.

Though they had an abundance of experience and success in the core market, they didn’t know which new markets or customers to target. Before exploring new opportunities, they wanted understand the alternative use cases for their additive product.

Critical Issues

Industry Landscaping       New Applications      Technical Expertise

The Solution

Maven conducted a landscaping Electronic Survey of manufacturing engineers, including industrial materials, equipment, and 3D printing experts, to gather insights on new applications for additive manufacturing products. The Survey results revealed dozens interesting potential growth areas for the company’s 3D printing product. More importantly, several of the Electronic Survey respondents expressed interest in technology similar to the company’s, yielding several promising customer leads. Best of all, virtually every new application identified could be addressed with minimal changes to their current product. The team learned that with a slight shift in their focus, they could appeal to these new markets and end users, and significantly improve the revenue potential of their 3D printing product.

“It’s tough to explore beyond the familiar, especially when our product is well-received and successful in our current markets. Maven brought us the perspective we needed to be aware of all of the opportunities available to us.” — Vice President of Market Development