Case Study: New Kids on the Block (HVAC Market Expertise)

Case Study: New Kids on the Block (HVAC Market Expertise)

The Problem

A leading global industrial manufacturer led the market for replacement HVAC systems in residential homes, but was not performing as well in the market for new residential construction. In order to better align their products with the specific needs of homebuilders and capture greater market share, the company’s innovation team needed to obtain a better understanding of the latest technologies being used in new home construction. In particular, the team needed to assess how recent innovations in insulation materials, solar panels, energy efficient glass, and home energy rating/automation systems were impacting the ideal design specifications for HVAC systems.

Critical Issues

Declining Market Share               Technology Innovation

The Solution

Maven recommended conducting a series of short Telephone Consultations with Residential Homebuilders and LEED-certified architects on the topic of trends in energy efficient construction and “green” building design. Over the course of the next few weeks the customer spoke with over two dozen qualified individuals who offered a wide range of HVAC market expertise. The Consultations provided the team with a well-rounded understanding of the materials being used in new home construction, and insights on how their HVAC systems could be better aligned with new home design and performance solutions.

While incorporating the initial feedback they received, the team discovered that there were major differences in the building techniques and standards employed in new custom home construction versus new production (tract) home construction. In order to better assess these differences, Maven arranged several additional Telephone Consultations in order to generate segment-specific HVAC market expertise from regional and national residential builders.

“Because we did not have much familiarity with or many contacts in this market, we had to get creative, but then we remembered Maven and they delivered again!” – New Market Innovation Manager


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