Case Study: Galactic Farming (Aerospace Professionals)

Case Study: Galactic Farming (Aerospace Professionals)


A large agricultural company realized that satellite imagery can tell a story about farmland that regional data simply cannot. Micro-satellites are a cost-effective method to relay information from space, putting huge amounts of data directly in the hands of farmers and allowing them to better manage their land. To better understand the market for these satellites and the potential to help them deliver imaging data to their customers, this Ventures team came to Maven.

Critical Issues

Speed     |     Technical Expertise     |     Multiple Perspectives

The Solution

Maven crafted an Electronic Survey that was deployed to a targeted population of geospatial analysts, systems engineers and aerospace professionals. The Survey delivered global perspectives regarding the current market and new technologies for satellites and micro-satellite spacecrafts, as well as consumer trends and demands. With this information, the team was able to develop a picture of the next 5-10 years and how they can best engage with this emerging market.

“Maven delivered us insights very quickly from experts that we simply don’t have access to.”
– Director of Strategy


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