Project Description

Case Study: Cut Through The Red Tape (Drug Test Expert)

The ProblemDrug Test Expert

A startup pharmaceutical company had developed a new product to bring to market. In anticipation of an upcoming change in the drug regulatory landscape, the compliance and regulation team wanted to learn about any adjustments that could cause delays in their product launch.

Without a full understanding of the changing regulatory landscape, the team risked getting caught in red tape and losing their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Critical Issues

Time Crunch        Anonymity      Regulatory Perspectives

The Solution

Maven suggested conducting an Electronic Survey of drug test experts, providers, and regulatory professionals. The double-blinded Survey tool would allow the team to protect their anonymity, as they did not want to reveal to the market that they were interested in this topic.

In less than a week, the team received market insights and trend forecasting from two dozen qualified professionals who had first-hand experience with current drug testing procedures and intimate knowledge of the direction of the regulatory market. The broad range of perspectives in the report gave the team guidance about which processes could be completed more efficiently. Ultimately, the team was better prepared in advance of their new product launch which allowed the company to preserve their competitive advantage.

“In less than a week, Maven provided us with a thorough analysis of current trends from individuals that otherwise would have taken us months to find. The objective insights we gathered have given us the confidence we needed to move foward with our product launch.” — Regulatory Affairs Director