Case Study: Snap, Crackle, Pop! (Drone Delivery)

Case Study: Snap, Crackle… POP (Drone Delivery)

The Problem

The rise of eCommerce is shifting the way consumers purchase snacks. With emerging trends like Amazon’s drone delivery, snack foods manufacturers are faced with new challenges on the horizon, as the traditional air-puff packaging was not designed to withstand such high elevations during shipping.

The packaging innovation team at a top snack foods company needed visibility (beyond the knowledge that their team possessed internally) into the current and emerging trends that would impact consumer snack food preferences to best adapt their packaging engineering and design to meet the consumer snack food and delivery preferences of the future.

Critical Issues

Sensitive Data         Static Industry Practices           First-hand Experience

The Solution

The Maven account manager suggested using a Virtual Ideation Panel to bring together snack food product development professionals, consumer insights professionals, drone delivery experts, and packaging specialists to discuss and debate the consumer snack foods and delivery methods of the future.

Ten participants were sourced through Maven with backgrounds in product development, marketing, packaging design and packaging innovation. Over the course of four days, the participants identified key drivers of consumer purchasing and consumption of snack foods. The insights from this Ideation Panel are currently being used to shape both the short and long-term product roadmap for the packaging innovation team.

“The Virtual Ideation Panel offered our team a convenient and remarkably fast way to bring together individuals with several different backgrounds simultaneously and source the expertise our team was having trouble finding on our own.” – Director, Global Research & Development


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