Project Description

Case Study: Bottle Service (eCommerce Consultant)

The Problem

ecommerce consultantThe strategy team at a major online retailer needed to understand the unique logistical challenges of entering the burgeoning wine ecommerce market before determining if it was a feasible direction for their business. They had access to industry statistics and were confident about of the rising demand for wine in the online retail space, but needed qualitative insights from professionals in the wine ecommerce supply chain to validate their proposed direction for an upcoming presentation to management.

With only three days before their important strategy meeting, the team was at a loss for how to quickly engage with professionals from multiple points in the supply chain, given that they came from a wide variety of geographic locations and were not readily available through traditional consulting channels.

Critical Issues

Hard-to-Reach Population        Tight Timeline          Qualitative Insights

The Solution

To give the team a holistic snapshot of the wine ecommerce landscape, Maven suggested conducting a series of short Telephone Consultations with ecommerce consultants as well as wine production and logistics experts, and import/export regulatory specialists. In less than 48 hours, the strategy team gained insights from the world’s largest wine markets, consulting with nine individuals from across Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, California, and the UK. These strategic Telephone Consultations gave the team the additional qualitative insights they needed to confidently present their market report to management in a time frame they would not have been able to achieve on their own.

“Within two days, Maven provided us with industry insights from every step in the wine ecommerce supply chain, giving us a solid understanding of the challenges present in entering that market– Director of Strategy