Case Study: Cracking the Case (Concrete Drilling Expert)

Case Study: Cracking the Case (Concrete Drilling Expert)

The Problem

A specialty components manufacturer had developed an anchor product for use in concrete drilling and saw an opportunity to optimize their product for industrial-scale drilling. Though the company’s existing anchor product was successful in its current applications, the product development team lacked the necessary expertise to develop their product in this new area. Without direct experience, the team risked omitting critical design features specific to industrial drilling. The team needed help to assess the product’s current composition and its role in the industrial application process to determine the need for any further improvements or redesign.

Critical Issues

Industrial Construction Experience     Prototype Critique      Niche Topic

The Solution

Maven identified over a dozen concrete construction consultants, industrial contractors, and specialty components manufacturers. The customer selected three Mavens to interview via short Telephone Consultations, and decided to bring one individual to their product demonstration facility for an in-person Workshop with the entire product development team.

The full-day engagement included a demonstration from the Maven, who used the anchor in an industrial drilling application. The Maven provided feedback on the ease-of-use and intuitiveness of the design, as well as process improvement suggestions for the team. The team worked for the next six months to implement the changes the Maven had suggested. The Maven later returned on-site to provide further feedback on the product redesign. The ongoing guidance from the concrete drilling expert allowed the team to successfully enter the industrial drilling market with their new anchor product.

“Maven’s thorough approach gave us the exact insights we were looking for throughout our entire project.” — Director of Product Development


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