Case Study: Reinventing the Pinwheel (Brand Development)

Case Study: Reinventing the Pinwheel (Brand Development)

The Problem

We all reinvent ourselves from time to time – whether in middle school or during a career change. It’s harder for a corporation to turn over a new leaf. One snack foods company felt they were becoming stale and wanted to make a new splash as a premium, luxury brand. They needed a strategy that would allow for brand development without alienating their existing customers.

Critical Issues

Market Landscape & Entry      Value Proposition      Consumer Insights/Values

The Solution

The team needed a business makeover, including upgrades in marketing, brand development, product development and design. Maven launched an Electronic Survey to select appropriate professionals, and the top 20 qualified respondents were invited to join a Virtual Ideation Panel. During the three-day moderated discussion, the diverse group was able to develop actionable insights, recommendations and strategies to redefine the company’s brand and product positioning moving forward.

“Within three days, we were able to engage thought leaders across different categories yet they each had great value to bring in terms of what it means to position a ‘premium’ product.” – Director of Strategy


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