Case Study: Noise Pollution (Acoustic Engineers)

Case Study: Noise Pollution (Acoustic Engineers)

The Problem

The electronic technology research team at a multinational industrial manufacturer was curious to see if their industrial acoustic noise mitigation technology could be used in smaller applications, specifically a new electronic device they were working to develop. The group had identified a market opportunity for their new product and needed to be sure they were employing the best method for applying their noise cancellation technology before moving forward with bringing the product to market.

The group had extensive background developing products in both the consumer and industrial electronics space, but needed the latest industry insights and technical guidance to ensure they were moving forward in the right direction.

Critical Issues

Product Development/Strategy    Technical Expertise    Extended Analysis Needed

The Solution

Maven recommended a two-pronged approach to deliver industry insights from different market segments, as well as to source the precise technical guidance the team was looking for. To begin, Maven conducted an Electronic Survey of acoustic engineers, electrical engineers, consumer electronics professionals, and product design experts. Over the next few days respondents contributed extensive feedback regarding the best methods for acoustic noise mitigation and shared their recommendations for the top technologies to eliminate low frequency audible noise in consumer electronics.

The team was especially interested in following up with a few of the Survey respondents, and conducted in-depth Telephone Consultations to discuss specific methods for the mitigation of tonal noise (i.e. primary harmonic and super harmonics) in electronic products. One expert, with an extensive background in electronics hardware design, audio, acoustics and digital signal processing, was asked to perform additional analysis on the proposed product and generate a custom report on her findings and recommendations for how to proceed. The team worked closely with the Maven to implement the suggested methodology and achieve the desired level of noise cancellation in their final product.

“Efficient! The whole engagement took less than three weeks. We never expected to get this level of analysis and insight in such a short time frame.” – Global Technology Director


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