Case Study: A Penny Saved

Case Study: A Penny Saved


A multinational food and beverage company was being significantly undercut on price by its competitors in a key product category. In order to reduce prices, the company needed to lower its manufacturing costs, but a major quality issue related to inconsistent filtration was preventing this from happening. The manufacturing transformation team was tasked with finding a solution.

Critical Issues

Technical Expertise        Quality Control       Cost Management

The Solution

Maven recommended consulting with professionals from other industries who had experience with similar filtration and materials separation processes. Over the next few days, several qualified candidates applied for consideration, including individuals from the chemical, mineral processing, and mining industries. One of the experts revealed a separation technique with which the team was not familiar, but which had the potential to directly address their quality challenge while also substantially reducing manufacturing costs. The team implemented the technique, allowing the company to better compete in the marketplace.

“I never would have imagined the solution to this problem coming from the mining industry. Well done!”
– Senior Director of Manufacturing Transformation


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