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Mark is co-founder and CTO of Maven. His interests include webscale software, gaming, bbq, fly fishing, snowboarding and his 2 very young children

Better, Faster, Stronger: Maven vs. The Expert Networks

Find out what really separates Maven from traditional expert networks, including our Global Knowledge Marketplace structure, customer base and pricing model.

Maven’s Most Interesting Jobs – After the NBA

Steve Johnson played for 10 years in the NBA. Now he connects people with the ultimate vacation experience: luxury yacht charters. Learn how this former professional athlete made the transition from sports to business.

Happy 4th of July!

A day to celebrate independence and freedom. In the United States we celebrate the 4th of July with family, friends, fireworks, and hot dogs!

Check Out the Maven Website Redesign!

Introducing our new look! We are pleased to announce that the Maven website redesign is complete. We would love your feedback on the updated design.

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    Maven’s Most Interesting Jobs – Five, Four, Three, Two, One . . .

Maven’s Most Interesting Jobs – Five, Four, Three, Two, One . . .

Takeoff! Joe Brennan has a job that truly is “out of this world”. He is Director of Production Operations at THE SPACESHIP COMPANY. Joe took some time to come back to Earth to share with us his daily grind and what led him to land at The Spaceship Company.

World Cup Competition – Did You Know…

Interesting facts you may not know about the World Cup

Maven Honors the Fallen Heroes

Join Maven this Memorial Day as we honor the men and women who have served and currently serve in the Armed Forces.

Why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo

This battle may have happened long ago, but today we celebrate battles won against all odds.

Have you heard of the Beer Mile?

It’s a a grueling extreme sports competition or maybe best classified as “digestive athletics” competition. To be the best takes serious training and science.

Happy Tax Day!

Happy Tax Day!

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