Electronic Surveys

Maven’s fast and flexible Electronic Survey system allows you to quickly gather multiple answers to your custom questions from highly targeted groups of Mavens. Our unique “pay-per-response” approach allows you to tune the length, target audience, and number of responses received to meet your specific informational needs and budget.

How it Works

We provide an extensive network of well-characterized experts and all the tools you'll need to select or create populations, generate survey questions, handle payments, provide feedback, avoid conflicts, and manage ongoing projects. You may survey relevant groups of experts by selecting one of our predefined populations or by creating a custom group that matches your specific criteria. Here's how it works:


Write your Survey questions. Our proprietary Survey Engine will guide you through the survey generation process and help you write thoughtful and well-constructed questions that will yield the best responses. Don't have time to write your own questions? No problem – Maven can provide a qualified Survey Specialist to assist you.


Begin by selecting one of our predefined survey populations, or search the Maven network to create your own.


Review and Deploy. Our system will price your survey according to the number of questions you write and your target population. Our flexible system allows you to adjust your questions, target population, and targeted number of respondents to meet your needs. Once you are satisfied with your Survey, targeted experts will be invited to participate.


Watch the results in real time as they come in, or wait until your targeted number of respondents is reached. Our system will automatically "shut down" the survey when it hits your quota and only charge you for complete responses from our members.


After reviewing the results, you may provide feedback on respondents, schedule follow-up Consultations, or redeploy the Survey to additional experts.