Earn Referral Commissions (and Discounts!)

At Maven we know that the best way to find good people is through connections to other good people. We also want to provide professionals with opportunities to profit from both What and Who they know. Marrying these two concepts, Maven has developed a unique Referral Commission system to reward users for introducing other smart professionals to Maven.

When someone you introduce to us becomes a Maven, you will automatically receive Referral Commissions of up to 50% when they consult through Maven.

During the first year of their participation in Maven, every time they get paid for consulting, we will give you a bonus equal to 10% of their earnings! We don’t take away 10% of your friend’s earnings – Referral Commissions are an additional bonus paid by Maven to compensate you for bringing us a valuable new participant.

In addition, if you refer someone new for a specific inquiry posted on the Maven Bulletin Board and they consult with our customer on the posted topic, we’ll pay you a special one-time commission equal to 50% of their earnings for that interaction!

Some Maven participants earn thousands of dollars per year in Referral Commissions simply for introducing other smart people the Knowledge Marketplace.

Referral Commission Details

Ms. Smith’s Payment: $250.00
Your Commission (10%): $25.00

Discounts for Your Company

Finally, if your company is a Maven customer, your colleagues will also receive discounts when consulting with the people you refer to Maven.

In other words, your network becomes part of your company’s extended network, saving your company money. It works like this: every time a colleague of yours consults through Maven with someone you referred to Maven, your company receives a 40% discount on the consulting interaction. It’s a win-win-win-win situation – your peer finds a paid consulting opportunity, your colleague gets the insights they need, your company gets a 40% discount, and you get a 10% Referral Commission!