Maven Research

Maven Research manages a global network of industry professionals, thought leaders, and experts who connect and share their knowledge with others via our Global Knowledge Marketplace. Maven Research's proprietary microconsulting platform connects researchers with knowledgeable professionals for short, paid interactions, including Telephone Consultations, Electronic Surveys, Face-to-Face Meetings, Extended Consulting Projects, and Workshops, as well as permanent Employment Opportunities.

Who Joins Maven?

Maven Research isn't just about "experts." We believe that everybody possesses valuable knowledge, perspective, and opinions that others find valuable. Hence, the Maven Research network is comprised of professionals ranging from full-time students to senior executives to retirees. Doctors, attorneys, store clerks, engineers, tobacco farmers, accountants, sole proprietors, appliance repairman – all are experts in something, and all may be found on Maven Research. By welcoming everyone into Maven Research's professional network, we provide access to every type of knowledge and perspective and enable faster and more informed business decisions.

Who Uses Maven?

Anybody who seeks knowledge for professional purposes. You might be an engineering manager who needs advice on which component to select for a critical function in your new product. Or an attorney seeking an expert witness for an upcoming lawsuit. Or an investor trying to learn more about a new medical treatment. Or a marketing manager who needs to survey potential customers about their experience with competitive products.

Whether you seek a broad overview of a topic from an industry leader or very granular perspectives from professionals "on the ground," Maven Research can help you. By accessing our transparent and transactional knowledge marketplace you can quickly locate the right people to answer your questions, motivate them to prioritize your request, and reward them for providing the insights you seek. Our fully-integrated microconsulting platform provides a secure, private, and controlled environment for paid knowledge exchange, while our state-of-the-art Conflict Management System helps to protect you from unwanted conflicts and inappropriate disclosures.

True Independence

Maven Research was founded by a trio of technology and research industry veterans who wanted a fast, easy way to locate expertise but found all of the other "expert matching" services available to be difficult to use, insanely expensive, and woefully unable to protect against potential conflicts in a logical and reliable fashion.

We believe...

  • that everybody deserves direct access to the world's knowledge, and to profit from their own knowledge, provided they conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.
  • in a transactional and transparent marketplace, unburdened by expensive subscriptions and middlemen who hinder access to the right experts.
  • in protecting our participants from conflicts via clear, objective, consistent, and fair standards and the systems to enforce them.
  • that true independence means making appropriate introductions, guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality, and then getting out of the way so people can conduct their business.

We don't seek to impose our views on others, we don't perform analysis or write commentary, we don't make recommendations, and we aren't owned or controlled by any other company. Period.


Maven Research is a proud member of the Investorside Research Association. The Investorside Research Associate certifies its members have no investment banking conflicts.