Maven for Knowledge Management Professionals

Discover Hidden Expertise

How do you get the most out of what you have? Every day your colleagues are making poorly informed decisions – or paying to source expertise from outside your company – when what they need is actually within your walls. You’ve implemented great systems for document management, ediscovery, enterprise search, and peer collaboration, but none of these are helping you discover expertise on demand. Companies use Maven to discover the hidden expertise they already possess and connect people with each other for direct knowledge exchange.

Incentivize Knowledge Sharing

Your employees are your most valuable resource, but how do you harness their collective expertise and encourage them to share their knowledge with each other? Use Maven to recognize and reward those who help their colleagues, overcoming the barrier to high participation rates encountered by other enterprise-wide applications.

Reduce Knowledge Attrition

Every day people leave your organization. They find new jobs, retire, or are asked to depart, but regardless of the reasons many of them still possess knowledge that is relevant to your company – knowledge that they are probably willing to continue sharing with you. Just because they are gone does not mean they aren’t willing to help! With your Maven Knowledge Community you can fight the brain drain and maintain a connection with your company’s alumni base, so when you need their help it is right there at your fingertips.

Extend Your Network

The best way to get to great people is through other great people – and your colleagues know some really great people! Use Maven to access their networks so you can help each other and share opportunities.

Knowledge management organizations are currently using Maven to…

  • Connect colleagues in disparate locations for knowledge exchange and collaboration
  • Minimize the impact of Baby Boomer retirements by building connections for future consulting
  • Reduce external consulting expenses by utilizing the knowledge they already have available to them
  • Discover the “hidden gems” and unsung gurus within the enterprise
  • Mitigate the impact of an increasingly transient workforce
  • Enhance cooperation across organizational boundaries and between working groups
  • Eliminate politics and get to answers and solutions
  • Build a true network of networks by incentivizing employees to share their professional contacts
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