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Knowledge is Value

With the right insights, you can change the world. Without them, all you can do is wish. We’ve assembled the world’s largest collection of buyers and sellers of professional expertise. From individual professionals to the world’s largest companies, Maven matches those who know with those who need to know so they can share ideas and make better professional decisions.

Maven’s Platform delivers human insights and solutions on demand.

Our tools improve the effectiveness of teams by eliminating most of the time, expense, and frustration involved in sourcing the right expertise without adding headcount.

Knowledge Networks

Employees: Discover and share knowledge within your company

Contractors: Onboard, organize, manage, and compensate consultants

Alumni: Retain access to “tribal knowledge” after employees leave

Marketplace: Supplement your network with the Maven Knowledge Marketplace

The Maven Marketplace

Our global community of over HALF A MILLION PROFESSIONALS includes EVERY INDUSTRY and experience level. It GROWS ORGANICALLY, supported by our peer-to-peer networking technology, resulting the world’s largest CONSULTANT REFERRAL NETWORK.

We provide powerful incentives to Mavens to refer qualified people to consult with our customers, so when you need niche expertise our Mavens are motivated to refer the PERFECT EXPERT.

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Canada
  5. Pakistan

6. Australia
7. Nigeria
8. South Africa
9. United Arab Emirates
10. Italy

11. Brazil
12. Egypt
13. Saudi Arabia
15.  Philippines

16.  France
17.  Kenya
18.  Mexico
19.  Spain
20.  Germany

The Maven Knowledge Marketplace

Over half a million Mavens in 220 Countries with over 5 BILLION hours of combined experience.


  • Astronomers in Antarctica
  • Biologists in Brunei
  • CEOs in China
  • Potato Chip Factory Managers in Pakistan
  • Safari Organizers in South Africa

Sector Breakdown


  1. Education/Academia
  2. Hospitals
  3. Information Technology Services
  4. Business Software
  5. Management Consulting
  6. Asset Management
  7. Drug Manufacturers
  8. Diversified Computer Systems
  9. Technical & System Software
  10. Money Center Banks
  11. Wireless Communications
  12. Communication Equipment
  13. Staffing & Outsourcing Services
  14. Marketing Services
  15. Internet Information Providers
  16. Food – Major Diversified
  17. Personal Products
  18. Internet Software & Services
  19. Health Care Plans
  20. Aerospace/Defense

Roles and Experience


  1. CEO/Owner
  2. President
  3. Director/Managing Director
  4. Partner/Managing Partner
  5. Consultant
  6. Founder
  7. Principal
  8. Manager
  9. Project Manager
  10. Vice President



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