Case Study: To Hire Or Not To Hire (Talent Recruitment)

Case Study: To Hire Or Not To Hire (Talent Recruitment)


To hire or not to hire: unfortunately, that is not always the question. With big cities attracting top talent, the question for some companies becomes: who can we possibly hire? The Human Resources team at a major automotive company knew this dilemma well, as nearly every department was struggling to meet their hiring needs. After the global financial crisis – and the extensive lay-offs that came with it – much of the top talent had either left the industry or found employment with big technology companies in Silicon Valley. Added to their hiring difficulty was the challenge of matching the remuneration these individuals were being paid, and convincing them to relocate to the Midwest from California.

Critical Issues

Lack of Available Talent     Speed      Multiple Roles

The Solution

The HR team approached Maven with this challenge. Throughout the 12-months of the initial Subscription, Maven was able to connect multiple divisions of the organization – Strategy, R&D and Marketing – with access to top talent through micro and extended consulting that helped fill the gaps in expertise in order to lessen the impact of the situation, as well as gain a wider network to recruit for potentially full-time employees.

“Finding top talent is so competitive, Maven helps us to fill the gaps quickly with access to professionals from any discipline.” – Senior Director of Human Resources


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