Case Study: Positive or Negative (Blood Gas Testing)

Case Study: Positive or Negative (Blood Gas Testing)


The Research & Development team at a global medical device manufacturer was working on a diagnostic tool that would enhance and streamline blood gas testing procedures, but sought to gain direct raw feedback from healthcare practitioners who used such tools in a hands-on, everyday basis. Without a full understanding of the issues presented by current blood gas testing tools, the team risked stalling their development or worse, delivering a solution that would not be an improvement on tools already available in the market.

Critical Issues

Clinical Expertise        Product Experience       Speed

The Solution

Maven launched an Electronic Survey of point-of-care coordinators, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners to gather feedback on two product prototypes. After reviewing the mock-ups, the respondents provided in-depth feature analysis and critique. In less than a week, the team had learned which features were most valuable to these healthcare practitioners and which elements of their design were problematic. Using these first-hand perspectives, the team implemented a few minor changes and brought their improved solution to market quickly.

“Nothing is more valuable than understanding our users’ pain points first hand. We are excited by how quickly we were able to access these practitioners through Maven.”
– Team Lead, Research & Development


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