Case Study: Tiny Transporters

Case Study: Tiny Transporters


The application engineering team at a biomedical materials company was considering investing in a new product line that might benefit from the use of lipid nanoparticles, an emerging technology currently attracting much attention from drug developers. The team had conducted literature reviews and online research, and had attempted to leverage their academic contacts, but still lacked an adequate understanding of whether the new technology would be well suited for their application. Not knowing how best to proceed, the team came to Maven.

Critical Issues

Emerging Technologies            Niche Technical Expertise             Rapid Insights

The Solution

Maven identified researchers, scientists, and biomedical engineers from the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and drug delivery industries who were willing and available to share their expertise on lipid nanoparticles with the client. Through a series of in-depth discussions with the experts, the team dramatically increased their understanding of the current state of nanoparticle technology, and to received extensive feedback regarding the potential for their product development plans. With this comprehensive feedback and insight, the team confidently moved forward with the next phase of the project, with the new product line expected to launch months earlier than previously estimated.

“Not only did we not have the internal expertise needed to evaluate this opportunity, we really didn’t even know where to start. Our academic contacts were slow to respond, but Maven delivered dozens of great candidates within a couple of days, saving us weeks’ worth of work.”
– VP of Application Engineering


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