Case Study: With A Little Help From My Friends (Corporate Ventures)

Case Study: With A Little Help From My Friends (Corporate Ventures)

The Problem

The Corporate Ventures team at a large industrial conglomerate was growing their business quickly, adding new portfolio companies weekly. The high volume of investments spread the team thin, and they were unable to provide the resources and expertise their portfolio companies needed to handle their most pressing business and technical challenges. To add another layer of difficulty, many of their portfolio companies specialized in cutting edge technology and consumer products industries. The high volume and wide range of needs left the Venture team struggling to support their companies sufficiently.

Critical Issues

Immediate Need      Cutting Edge Insights     Diverse Knowledge Sets

The Solution

The customer approached their Maven Account Manager to explore options to help support their portfolio companies. The flexibility of Maven’s subscriptions allowed the Venture team to present Maven as a tool to their current portfolio companies, and as a key differentiator when discussing competitive investment opportunities. Ultimately, Maven’s customizable tools and ability to support multiple industries allowed these dynamic and fast-moving companies to quickly address their most pressing needs, and allowed the Venture customer to continue expanding their portfolio without neglecting their current companies.

“We have been using Maven for a long time and it never occurred to us, even though they have told us time and time again that we can provide this resource to our portfolio companies. It has helped make us more efficient while providing our companies the support that they need.” – Director of Market Access


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