Case Study: We DO Need Some Education (Corporate Learning Officers)

Case Study: We DO Need Some Education (Corporate Learning Officers)

The Problem

A global educational company had recently developed seven prototypes for an enterprise talent management solution as part of their overall goal to become more employer focused. The company envisioned a product that could help companies integrate educational experiences into their organizational talent processes. First, however, the team needed to validate the challenges employers and corporate learning officers faced in the talent management space before they could assess how their novel capabilities could map into promising white space opportunities.

Critical Issues

First-hand perspective         Market Analysis           Corporate Training Expertise

The Solution

Maven recommended that a Virtual Ideation Panel would provide the perfect venue for capturing perspectives from several corporate human resources and training managers simultaneously. Maven quickly identified 10 highly-qualified corporate learning officers with backgrounds in human resources, corporate education, and talent management within Fortune 500 enterprises. The Ideation Panel discussion lasted three days, yielding over 100 pages of content and measurable data regarding the participants’ most pressing pain points, the shortcomings of current offerings, as well as feedback regarding the company’s proposed prototypes. Over the course of the Ideation Panel, three of the company’s prototypes were rejected, three were found to address some, but not all of the challenges the participants faced, and one was highlighted as the blockbuster concept, earning unanimous support. The team walked away from the engagement with confidence about the need for their product in corporate training environments and a clear roadmap for applying their product prototype to this new space.

“The Virtual Ideation Panel provided an unbelievable level of feedback and perspective. This event will be critical to our strategy moving forward.” – Senior Director, Product and Technology Strategy


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