Project Description

Case Study: Show Me the IP (Consumer Electronics IP Strategy)

The Problem

consumer electronic IP strategyThe new product development team at a major food and beverage company had been slowly entering the consumer electronics market for several years. The team had launched some moderately successful products and were on the verge of taking the market by storm with some innovative new technologies. The problem was that they lacked experience with monetizing high-tech consumer electronics and needed guidance about the intellectual property (IP) strategy for these products. The team needed to quickly develop a strong IP strategy prior to launching their new product in the fast-moving consumer electronics market.

Critical Issues

Deep Insights       Strategic Guidance      Strong Industry Experience

The Solution

Maven launched an Electronic Survey targeting professionals with deep experience handling consumer electronics IP strategy. Maven identified over a dozen candidates with strong backgrounds in new product licensing and IP strategies specifically for consumer electronic products. Of the Survey respondents, the team selected three Mavens to engage with further who had the expertise and backgrounds they were looking for; a consumer electronics licensing professional, a high-level consumer electronics leadership executive, and an IP strategy manager for one of the word’s largest consumer electronic companies. After conducting Telephone Consultations with each of the chosen individuals, the team was able to move forward productively with their IP strategy and bring their new product to market later that year.

“The Mavens had an awesome range of experience. This is exactly what we were looking for.”

– Senior Research Scientist