Case Study: See The Difference (Clostridium difficile Clinicians)

Case Study: See The Difference (Clostridium difficile Clinicians)


With almost half a million cases per year, Clostridium difficile (C. diff) has become the most common microbial cause of infections. Seeing this urgent need, the Innovation team at a biomedical instruments company wanted to gain an understanding of current C. diff screening technologies. In particular, they wanted to understand price points, testing practices, and unmet needs within this market–but they did not have the resources to find the necessary “on the ground” expertise.

Critical Issues

Technical Expertise         Speed        Multiple Perspectives

The Solution

Maven recommended conducting Telephone Consultations to assess the overall industry of C. diff testing practices. As a result of several conversations with qualified medical professionals, the innovation team decided to focus on the impacts of C. diff in Cardiac Care. A second Telephone Consultation project was launched to identify key challenges in current Cardiac Care related to C. diff. Within a week, the team was able to gain a better understanding of the broad and specific landscape of C. diff testing as well as the larger market opportunities for their products.


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