Case Study: The Business of Brains (Clinical Data Collection)

Case Study: The Business of Brains (Clinical Data Collection)

The Problem

Unbelievable volumes of clinical data are generated each day from instruments all over the world. The ventures team of a multinational healthcare company wondered if this wealth of data could potentially be used to benefit a greater population, rather than just a single patient. They believed that certain data, specifically neurological images, could be incredibly beneficial when aggregated and commercialized, but were concerned that the healthcare industry was not ready to adopt a new model for clinical data collection and analysis. The team needed help to understand if such a model would be feasible, and if so, what it would need to look like in order to be accepted by the market.

Critical Issues

Sensitive Data         Static Industry Practices           First-hand Experience

The Solution

After speaking with their Maven account manager, the team decided to conduct a Virtual Ideation Panel of Mavens from various clinical and healthcare business backgrounds. Since this initiative involved complex business modeling, the team chose to first conduct Telephone Consultations with each Ideation Panel participant prior to the Ideation Panel launch. Maven identified dozens of highly-qualified physicians and healthcare experts, and the team chose ten candidates to speak with through short interviews. Through these Telephone Consultations, the team gained in-depth insights through the lens of each participants’ unique background, allowing them to have much more context while framing the direction and layout of the Ideation Panel discussion. Ultimately, the Ideation Panel participants provided sound arguments for the best way to create and position a new model for sharing neurological data. The on-the-ground insights and range of industry perspectives the team received helped them to accelerate their initiative with confidence.

“We have had great success with Maven in the past, but this initiative had us stumped. Using a Virtual Ideation Panel gave us a more comprehensive look at the market and put us in a great position!” – Executive Director, Healthcare Ventures


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