Case Study: Behind the Screen (Primary Research Partner)

Case Study: Behind the Screen (Primary Research Partner)

The Problem

The marketing team at a software development company wanted to reposition themselves for a larger target market in advance of launching a disruptive new product suite. To better position their new offering, the team solicited feedback on their current product offerings from their existing customers. However, they were concerned that the feedback they were receiving about their product suite was not completely objective.

Critical Issues

Anonymity        Voice of Customer        Primary Research Partner

The Solution

Without the help of a third party, the team was stuck without a way to access the unbiased feedback they needed, so Maven met with the marketing team to determine the appropriate path for gathering the feedback quickly and effectively. Due to the team’s need for a quick turnaround and anonymity in the project, Maven suggested working with their external primary research partner, BroadBranch Advisors, who specializes in the conflict-free elicitation of insights and knowledge.

Maven launched an Electronic Survey to screen and qualify over 30 of the software company’s current users. BroadBranch then conducted three Telephone Consultations with Survey respondents to gain deeper insights from the end users and hear more about their experience with the company’s existing product suite. BroadBranch used the findings from the Survey and the additional color from the Telephone Consultations to produce an executive report, complete with suggestions on how to best position the full product suite to new customers. Within a week, the company’s marketing team incorporated the new feedback to develop a targeted marketing strategy for their new product.

“Partnering with Maven and BroadBranch allowed us to collect the candid insights we never could have received without their help. We feel confident with our launch plan and positioning thanks to the feedback we were able to collect.”

– Marketing Director 


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