Case Study: Clean Bill of Health (Hospital Sterilization Consultants)

Case Study: Clean Bill of Health (Hospital Sterilization Consultants)

The Problem

An advanced materials manufacturer had developed several novel equipment sterilization technologies for use in manufacturing applications. They had achieved a dominant position in the market, but knew there were other potential applications of their technologies outside of manufacturing.

In light of recent violations around sterilization procedures in healthcare, the market development team wanted to explore any possible applications of their existing technologies that could advance current sterilization procedures.  The team had an abundance of knowledge on the topic, but was unfamiliar with the problem areas in hospital settings and the particular technologies that were associated with the trouble. Without a strong understanding of the current sterilizations processes being used in hospitals, the team was unsure of how best to move forward with pushing their solutions into the new market.

Critical Issues

Competitive Landscaping         Technical Expertise          Market Analysis

The Solution

Maven launched an Electronic Survey of hospital administrators, medical supply chain managers, directors of purchasing for medical devices and infection control experts to gain various perspectives on hospital operations relative to device sterilization processes. The results underlined both what was already being done by the key players in the industry and what gaps existed within current processes. The results of the Survey also gave the market development team clarity on several key pain points that had been identified but not yet fully understood. With these insights, the team could begin pursuing the next phase of their products’ applications to address the shortcomings of device sterilization processes in hospital settings.

“Maven provided us with tangible insights in less than a week to access the information we needed to be able to improve our offering. It has opened the next phase of growth towards improving a process that is essential in every hospital environment.” – Market Development Team Lead


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