Project Description

Case Study: The Regulators (Asia Regulatory Expert)

The Problem

Asia Regulatory ExpertThe global trade team at a multinational food company was running into regulatory issues with importing products to Asia from other non-US countries where they were produced. With each Asian country requiring slightly different registration processes, they needed to understand the best practices to get products approved by the government in each area to ensure the speed and success of their deliveries.

Critical Issues

Regulatory Policies         Global Compliance Expertise        Wide Focus Geography

The Solution

The team was not sure where to get started, or even what questions to ask to begin, so Maven launched a broad Telephone Consultation search targeting professionals with experience exporting and importing to Asia (including Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.). One consultant was especially qualified and was well versed in the main issues surrounding the critical import and export regulations. During the Telephone Consultation, this Maven helped the team identify the key questions that he felt they should be asking of a broader audience to gather best practices across multiple industries.

Maven then built an Electronic Survey using the questions suggested by the Maven, targeting respondents from each critical area in Asia. The Survey responses included detailed information and recommendations regarding the best practices and processes for each demographic. After analyzing the responses, the global trade team was able to determine the key approaches they would use in each country.

“Finding someone who was able to help us narrow our questions to the most pertinent issues was huge. The resulting survey feedback clarified months of research.” — Global Trade Manager