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What Is Maven

Back in 2008 we coined the term microconsulting to describe the short bursts of knowledge, perspective, expertise, and opinion from other smart professionals that we all use to make our work easier. Since then, we’ve built a system that turns every professional into a consultant, making it easier than ever to profit from both your and other people’s knowledge.

There are hundreds of thousands of Mavens in virtually every place in the world. They are people just like you – from architects to zookeepers, rice farmers to racecar drivers, Mavens come from all walks of life and every profession. Whether you need to speak with a cardiologist in Brazil, survey a group of supply chain experts in Canada, or hire a manufacturing engineer to explore a new process in India, we can deliver.

Maven’s technology identifies the right professionals, qualifies them for specific areas of expertise, screens them for potential conflicts of interest, and delivers their brains to you. In addition, through our unique referral system, our Mavens’ networks become your network. That means that no matter how obscure the topic, we deliver qualified expertise faster than any other system – typically in less than one hour! Think of it as crowdsourced knowledge on demand.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, we’re a global team of non-consultants using technology to shake apart the stuffy old world of consulting. We’re a technology company that believes that only people can solve problems, and that technology is merely a tool to aid the process. And while Silicon Valley’s darlings like “big data” and “answers websites” promise novel insights, we deliver the revolutionary advances that can only happen when the right individuals connect and share knowledge. The blue shirts and technorati would burn us for heresy if they could only find the matches.

Welcome to Maven

Maven makes you smarter. We’ve built the fastest and easiest way to connect and consult with knowledgeable people all over the world. Created by three guys who were tired of making critical business decisions with imperfect expertise (knowing somebody out there could help them if they could just find them quickly and consult with them), our platform delivers expertise on demand to professionals in every industry and powers knowledge networks for some of the world’s largest companies. Need faster insights so you can make smarter decisions? Maven can help.


Maven’s executive team possesses over 60 combined years of experience in the areas of high technology, software development, and law. Our founders conceived the idea for Maven and formed the company in 2008 with the goal of making instant access to professional expertise available to everyone.

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