The Knowledge Logistics Engine


Knowledge is everywhere… so why can’t we ever seem to be able to find it when we really need it? Why do we make poorly-informed decisions when we know that someone out there can help us? It’s not about answers, but insights: why aren’t insights available on demand the same way that information and data are? Those were the questions our founders asked themselves back in 2008 when we began building the world’s first marketplace for knowledge.

Since then, we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of man hours and written millions of lines of software to accomplish just one thing: delivering the right expertise at the right time in the right package so you never again have to say “I didn’t know, so I guessed.” It’s hyperfast, industrial-strength knowledge logistics for the modern enterprise.

Knowledge Communities

Knowledge Marketplace


Microconsulting – Short Bursts of Professional Knowledge, Perspective, and Insight

Man responding to an Electronic Survey

Electronic Surveys Written answers to your questions by highly targeted Mavens. Customized for your specific needs, Surveys are a great tool for landscaping and solution seeking. Click here to see some examples.

Woman conducting a Telephone Consultation

Telephone Consultations Private conversations with brilliant people. Fast and flexible, Consultations deliver rapid insights from the people most qualified to help. Click here to see some examples.

Experts engaging in a Virtual ThinkTank discussion

Virtual Ideation Panels Professionally moderated virtual discussions. Ideation Panels combine elements of Surveys, brainstorming, and online discussion to drive groups of experts to consensus. Click here to see some examples.

Extended Consulting – Bigger Bursts of Expertise

Woman sharing knowledge via Workshop

Workshops & Seminars Bespoke professional education, on demand. Delivered when and where you want them, Workshops offer a deep dive into the topics you care about most. Click here to see some examples.

Executives analyzing research

Research & Analysis Reports, models, analysis, and recommendations. From technical due diligence to competitive intelligence, expert-driven research bypasses the consultants and analysts to deliver truly actionable insights. Click here to see some examples.

Biomedical expert conducting tests

In-Person Engagements Project definition and execution. Combining deep expertise with undivided attention, In-Person Engagements yield solutions to critical challenges. Click here to see some examples.